Database Enhancement and Data Cleansing

Are you missing pertinent information on your prospects and customers? Are you tired of manually looking for updated data for your account development and marketing teams? Have you exhauseted your resources on obtaining updated information for qualified prospects and current customers?

Accurate data is essentials for your company in compling with the Data Protection Act. We leverage our vast contact databse to deliver you the missing attributes that you can append to your contacts such as, telephone numbers, resident or business location, number of employees, or industry. We will send you  the accurate and updated appended lists, so you can better analyze and segment your data for targeted campaigns.

SalesBuddy combines role-based contact data with social network sites to deliver you customized target lists, which can be segmented on key accounts or industry. For effective email campaigns, we recommend that you refresh your contact data quarterly or semiannually for European countries.

Additionally, data standardization is the first step you need to take to ensure that your data is able to be shared across the organization. Consistent data establishes trustworthy data for use by other applications in the organization. Ideally, such standardization should be performed during data entry. If, for some reason this is not possible, a comprehensive back end process is necessary to eliminate any inconsistencies in the data.

Services offered

  • Data research and enhancement
  • Data standardization
  • Data cleansing
  • Special data assignments